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Yes Ive read the forum FAQ... questions

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First: do you know your language really well!
Do you know what your language has for hash tables versus sorted dictionaries?
Do you know when to use which?
If not, buy a good advanced book on your language of choice!

Second, do you know networking in general?
If not, buy, read and memorize "tcp illustrated" by Stevens.

Once there, you need more specifics on what kind of multiplayer.
A transaction-based system with money (like poker, say) is very different from an action game with 30 players (like Quake), which in turn is different from an MMOG, or an RTS.

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yes since im gonna use c# the collections namespace has me covered

I guess im gonna get tcp illustrated since ive been avoiding networking for a while now

Im going to make a worms clone (turn based)

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Original post by EvilNando
multiplayer game programming books

I have not yet read any good books dedicated to the subject.

I've read several books about multiplayer game programming, including books with those three words in the title. I wouldn't call any of them very good.

There are many different ways to break the topic down. It is a bunch of computers talking with each other using multiple layers of protocols, each performing their own independent processing.

If you want to read up on the network level protocols, there are many excellent books. I'll second the recommendation for Stevens book, "TCP/IP Illustrated volume 1", if you are getting in to network programming. You will almost certainly end up using it if you get a CS degree with any networking emphasis classes.

But that isn't necessarily a good book for multiplayer game programming if that's not the part you care about.

If you want to work on persistent worlds then you should focus instead on database development, serialization, and asynchronous computing.

There are also many good books on message passing architectures, transaction-based processing, distributed systems, and other topics. You will need the topics if you want multiple players to interact.

Another option is to simply ignore the details, pick a multiplayer library that meets your needs, and learn the minimum required for it. The major libraries contain pre-built solutions for just about any task you want.

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