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Gear change time

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Hello !
Please forgive my poor English.

I have a question about "gear change time" in games.
How did they set the good timing ?

I assume that a Ferrari would shift gear faster than a Fiat Panda, this is obvious, but here is an example :

I am in 4rd gear at 6000 rpm.
I want to shift up to the 5th gear.

For the same car, if the 5th gear go down to 5000 rpm OR with different settings go down to 3000 rpm, would it shift at the same speed ?

Actually in my simulation, the gears shift immediately, so i was curious about theses values.

I hope i am clear...

Thank you in advance.

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I take it you're on about the actual time required to actually change the gears, not any effect of doing so has on the engine?

That is controlled by the driver - how fast he can dip the clutch, move the gear lever and re-engage the clutch. An experienced race driver using "heel and toe" (google) and/or semi automatic clutch can do this so fast you may as well simplify and keep it instant.

On the other hand, grandma tootling to the shops in her fiat panda may take a couple of seconds to upshift.

I suggest you munge the time taken by the performance of the car, using it as an indicator of the quality of the driver.

Automatics take under half a second if they're any good.

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I kind of answered myself...

Anyway, i ended to set the shift speed related to the performance of the car.
It work quite well i have to say.

Thank you for your informations.

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