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DrawIndexedPrimitive Problem

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First, I create VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer by IDirect3DDevice9.CreateVertexBuffer and IDirect3DDevice9.CreateIndexBuffer, at OnRender, I call DrawIndexedPrimitive some times, but preview one rectangle.
OnReder's Code:


with DXDevice do

SetStreamSource(0, VertexBuffer, 0, Sizeof(TVRVertex));

for i := 0 to cVertexCount div 4 - 1 do
if not Failed(VertexBuffer.Lock(0, 0, Pointer(Vertexs), 0)) then
Vertexs[0].Pos := Point4(i * (cWidth + 10), 0, 0);
Vertexs[1].Pos := Point4(i * (cWidth + 10) + cWidth, 0, 0);
Vertexs[2].Pos := Point4(i * (cWidth + 10), cHeight, 0);
Vertexs[3].Pos := Point4(i * (cWidth + 10) + cWidth, cHeight, 0);

Vertexs[0].TexAxis := Point2(0, 0);
Vertexs[1].TexAxis := Point2(1, 0);
Vertexs[2].TexAxis := Point2(0, 1);
Vertexs[3].TexAxis := Point2(1, 1);

Vertexs[0].Color := clWhite4.Value;
Vertexs[1].Color := clWhite4.Value;
Vertexs[2].Color := clWhite4.Value;
Vertexs[3].Color := clWhite4.Value;

Vertexs[0].Specular := 0;
Vertexs[1].Specular := 0;
Vertexs[2].Specular := 0;
Vertexs[3].Specular := 0;

DXDevice.DrawIndexedPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST, 0, 0, 4, 0, 2);




[Edited by - billwillman on August 31, 2010 3:39:16 AM]

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1. How many triangles are you trying to draw?
2. Which one(s) draw?
3. How big is your vertex and index buffer?
4. If you have 10 vertices, you're trying to draw 5 triangles - is that right? It sounds like you don't have enough vertices to draw that many triangles; If you have 4 vertices per rectangle, that should be vertex count div 4 (or shr 2) surely?
5. What does your index buffer contain?
6. Any output from the debug runtimes?

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This is a test code.

From Evil Steve to answer:

1.How many triangles are you trying to draw?
2 triangles, 4 Vertor Point per DrawIndexedPrimitive

3.How big is your vertex and index buffer?
VertexBuffer contains 4000 vertors
IndexBuffer contains 4000 * 6/4 indexs(INDEX_16)

Thanks Evil Steve

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Are you sure the vertex coordinates you fill the vertex buffer with are correct? Do the debug runtimes say anything?

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