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Vasily Zotov

The new 3rd episode of 'Refugee..', judge Bronzina is all back in the desert

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The new 3rd episode of 'Refugee..', judge Bronzina is all back in the desert

Download the game you may here
www.quitesoulless.com/refugee.htm - download buttons in the well in the centre of the page
So far WIN / MAC / WEB version

You will need the passwords set:
Ep1 'Program For Torture Victims' - no password
Ep2 'La Guardia' - password: LAWYER
Ep3 'San Diego Express' - password:SNOWED

NEW YOUtube piece:

in this NEW interval

The screenplay for this game (folder 'Clochet-5') was created in April 2010 it manages the government away in case of denial of asylum in the US and removal to the psychward in Russian

Judge Isabel Bronzina issued on the 7-15-2010 order of removal me to the psychward (see the documentation www.quitesoulless.com/making.htm ), but I am still kicking, put up the appeal which produces absolutely zero chances of survival.

I was under the survailance of I think FBI, I wrote about it

Court so far illegally separates me from the records of these corrupt proceeding of removal to the mental isolation ward( which my intention is) to publish right away
(they do not have stenographist to save money - so they obliged to me to
provide copied of the proceedings on the magnetic tape, but so far they
create the artificial delay)

I am suffering but less than the first two weeks - it helps to be physically running/moving/crying, in the end of 2 weeks it's much better, it feels usually the massive pain in the stomach.

The next chapters of the game would introduce the reader to the Board of Immigration Appeals, chief immigration judge and the model of justice in the United States of America.

If of course they would not pull me away first.

I advertise the YouTube trailer of me of yesterday shoot

While I claim that I am not mentally sick, the government says that I should have somee psychosis 'off camera' (this opinion belong to ICE Homeland Security Chief Counsel James S. Stolley and they found the dumping judge Isabel Bronzina with grant rate 1.4% who issued the removal order to the psychward in Russia)

Vasily Zotov
Refugee game trailer:

Space Spy game trailer:

Quite Soulless game trailer:

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in short I wanted you to watch TWO MINUTES of new 3rd episode


to see if you like those bright colors of dying

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