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OpenGL Possible to create equirectangular view (360 degrees panorama) in opengl

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I'm rendering camera images in 3D which I want to convert back to a 360 panorama image (equirectangular such as http://studio360.be/wordpress/?p=176) which can then later be projected onto the inside of a sphere in a panorama viewer, (eye is at (0,0,0))

I'm considering some (maybe stupid) ideas to make use of OpenGL to do the hardware acceleration for me (basically the stitching, although the deformation is already done in 3D):

1. Trying to render the 3D scene as a 2D equirectangular view using some viewport / projection tricks, after which I can call glReadPixels to grab the result (179 is the maximum, and resulting in very distorted images as well)

2. Draw a sphere with a large radius around the eye and somehow get / project the color values of each rendered object as texture data onto that sphere, and grab the texture data later (no idea if this is even possible)

I've looked into the sources of panQuake, and they're rendering in slices, but results don't look that good to me, pretty sure it will give trouble when the resulting 'equirectangular' is mapped onto a sphere...

Most stuff I can find about equirectangular textures is about rendering them onto spheres, specifically for panorama viewers. The thing I'm looking for is actually creating the equirectangular textures from a 3D scene.

Any ideas ?

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