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Movement Synchronisation for RPG's

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hi :), i'm rather new to network programming, and i'd like to ask some questions about synchronisation of server and clients
by the way, i'm using raknet library for network stuff to keep things easier

what i've done so far:
wrote a client & server application as a testing environment
- client:
Visualisation: Ogre3D
Physics: Physx
Networks: RakNet
- server:
Networks: RakNet

My server simply takes the data from all clients and stores them, to be able to update new clients. the clients are sending their absolute position and velocity, the server then broadcasts this information to all clients, except the client who sent the packet.
I know that this system is very unsecure, since client can send every position he likes, and doesn't compensate any lags. i've simulated a ping of 200ms and it looked awful xD

..and now i'm looking for a new client-server protocol to improve my positioning between server&clients
my thoughts:
every frame the objects will be updated on the clients, by adding a velocity*time to the position, same happens on the server

Question1: The Y-Axis
Up to now my server does no physical calculations, that means he's unable to calculate the height of an object. i'm thinking of integrating a physical simulation in the server?
how would you solve that??

Question2: Ticks
Till now, my server processes the packet loop every 30ms, and checks for packets. how often should i send movement updates to the clients? and other data, e.g. like health
how is that solved in other mmorpgs?

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