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OpenGL Depth-Pass stencil shadows problem?

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I've just implemented a test case rendering shadow volumes in OpenGL using the depth-pass stencil buffer technique. Everything seems to be working pretty well in general (using a light source against a height map). However, I've run into a problem that I haven't seen described anywhere and I'm looking for some tips/suggestions.

How do I eliminate the shadows that form against the far clipping plane (or skybox if in use)? My first thought is to render a 'back cap' at the far end of the shadow volume. However, I never see anyone describing this problem with depth-pass, so I wonder if I am missing something obvious?

To visualize the problem, picture a perfectly flat landscape with a single mountain. When the light source is at or below the peak of the mountain, the shadow projects horizontally until it intersects with the far clipping plane. If I am viewing at an isometric angle, the technique naturally cases a shadow at the clipping plane as the shadow volume back faces get clipped against the back plane before they can 'decrement' the stencil bits that the front faces of the shadow volume incremented.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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