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simple statically typed scripting language?

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hi guys,

I'm looking for a *simple* statically typed scripting language (ideally interpred via some kind of bytecode). I'm also considering writing my own but it's not an easy task and I definitely don't want to reinvent the wheel. Could be useful for world though if such a thing does not exist :-).

I'm planning to use it for my J2ME game which I'm developing for ages now (well, I'll switch to androind once J2ME dies completely:o)). Core engine is slowly starting to work and I need scripting for obvious reasons. Also, scripts reduces code size (normal classes are not garbage collected).

Only real world, ready to use to use scripting language for J2ME seems to be Kahlua. However it's slow. I've written a proof of concept statically typed VM and an assembler and it performs about 10x faster than Lua (still 10x slower than "native" code, but that's acceptable). Don't take me wrong, Kahlua itself is a remarkable piece of code but cost of dynamic typing is just too high. Therefore I need static typing.

I've been searching for some time and so far I found (erm..) two languages, which, after some patching could do the job.

* talc <http://code.google.com/p/talc> - seems a quite buggy and not really maintained. I was playing around with it, trying to re-target it to my toy VM with mixed success
* haXe <http://haxe.org> (found this one searching gamedev forums:o)) - according to examples it seems too java-like. Very complex too.

To sum up features, I expect from the language:

* it has to be cute
* functions
* structs
* automatic type inference would be nice
* a big plus would be some simple bytecode format. Then I could just write VM for J2ME and I'm done :-).

Any advice counts.

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Couldn't find any statically typed scripting language for J2ME, but here's a few dynamic ones u might want to try


If J2ME is not a current precondition, you can check out Angel Script


They have a forum here.

Good Luck!


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Lua's just too slow. For example I would like to code some top level AI as a script (like couple of lines, aggregating path-finding and some utility calls implemented in native world, but executed over and over). Pnuts (according to quick look at website) seems quite death and features dynamic compilation, which by definition cannot work on J2ME (and according to your post it's dynamic).

Angel Script, on the other hand could work. I can image writing a VM for precompiled bytecode for J2ME. I'll take a closer look at this approach to see if it may work. Really *hate* the name though :-).

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