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Enabling TexOut slows down rotation of the object..

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when i enable the writing out txt function,the object seems to turn alot slowly why would it do that?, i am looping a vector size in the render function thats a type vector<char*>, would that be making the object rotate slower?

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Your txt out function is likely slowing down your application, as any code would. Some code is slower than others, but the key problem I think you are seeing is that your object rotation isn't correct.

To get proper motion, you need to make your logic based on time. Instead of writing "rotation += 2" you need to write "rotation += 2 * deltaTime" where deltaTime represents the change in time between when you last ran your update loop and now. You can calculate your time using many different function (clock, timeGetTime, QueryPerformanceCounter), and then you just make a simple adjustment at the top of the update loop.

currentTime = timeGetTime();
deltaTime = currentTime - lastTime;
lastTime = currentTime;

Then, anything that you move, you use the deltaTime in the equations. You should also take a look at Gaffer's Fix Your Timestep. More specifically, you will eventually want to look up Numerical Integration methods like Velocity Verlet and Runge-Kutta.

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hmm i notice that fps drops to like 33fps from 3000 with this in begin scene

for(size_t i=0; i<VecChars.size(); ++i)

SetRect(&rect, 300, 0 + i*FONT_HEIGHT, 800/2, 600/2);
D3DCOLOR_ARGB(255, 255, 0, 0));


would it be better to have this in its own thread?

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