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[SlimDX]Problem with Initializing Direct3D in VB.Net

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I have been following Axiverse's tutorials over here: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=509329
and I have got a problem with the code but I can't seem to get it to fix, here is the source code:
Imports SlimDX
Imports SlimDX.Direct3D11
Imports SlimDX.DXGI
Imports Device = SlimDX.Direct3D11.Device
Public Class GameCls
Private Sub Main(ByVal rendForm As Form)
Dim factory As New Factory
Dim mode As New ModeDescription
mode.Format = Format.R8G8B8A8_UNorm
mode.RefreshRate = New Rational(60, 1)
mode.Scaling = DisplayModeScaling.Unspecified
mode.ScanlineOrdering = DisplayModeScanlineOrdering.Unspecified
mode.Width = rendForm.Width
mode.Height = rendForm.Height
Dim sample As SampleDescription
sample.Count = 1
sample.Quality = 0
Dim swap As SwapChainDescription
swap.ModeDescription = mode
swap.SampleDescription = sample
swap.BufferCount = 1
swap.Flags = SwapChainFlags.None
swap.IsWindowed = True
swap.OutputHandle = rendForm.Handle
swap.SwapEffect = SwapEffect.Discard
swap.Usage = Usage.RenderTargetOutput
Dim device As New Device(DeviceCreationFlags.None)
Dim swapChain As New SwapChain(factory, device, swap)
Dim rendTarget As New RenderTargetView(device, ****swapChain.GetBuffer(Of Texture2D)****(0))
End Sub
End Class
PROBLEM: ****swapChain.GetBuffer(Of Texture2D)****
That's the Problem.
Thanks in advance

PS: I converted the source code and then followed the tutorial and there is the same error withe Original Tutorial.

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