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[Collision] Isometric Collision

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So I'm working on a game with an isometric based playing-field.

How do you check e.g. in wich isometric(diamond shaped) tile your cursor is?

Read probably every forum comment and article on the web by now but can't get my head around it...Mostly articles from this site and forum threads and several flash articles on it.

Thought it would be as easy as just rotating your cursor position and your tiles 26.57 degrees counter-clockwise(this is the angle an object should be rotated at if I got it right, for isometric view that is) so it would be aligned with an ordinary rectangle grid and there you checked collision but don't think that's gonna work out and it doesn't seem to smooth either.

Anyone got any links that got you going or that you think is good feel free to throw them in here.

If you got any solution you're sitting on to this problem feel free to drop em too.

And obviously if you feel that you can be of assistance and got some time to spare I'd love to hear what you have to say about the matter

Thanks on beforehand for any help recieved, regards Joakim

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