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Setting up OpenGL and GLUT on windows with visual c++ 2010

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Hey i'm new here, and i hope this question hasn't been asked a hundred times.

While i'm not a complete beginner to programming, i am new to using API"s and have no experience what so ever with them. I want to set up OpenGL and GLUT with visual C++ express 2010 so i can start hitting up some tutorials.

My issue is that all the tutorials and guides i find that step me through setting it up are out of date and i run into problems with the 2010 visual express.

Would someone be able to post a link to a thread or tutorial that has been written recently that would help me get it set up?

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Well the basics of setting up OpenGL in VC++ 2010 should be no different than 2008.

Maybe a few differences in where things are located at for how you go about it, but the idea is the same, #include various opengl headers, and a few libs.

BTW I would recommend you get GLEW ASAP to do all the nasty loading for the current OpenGL features. Coding all the functions pointers gets OLD quick.


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