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D3D10/11 C++ GUI library available?

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Hi, I've searched the forums and found this asked, but not really answered, several months ago... I thought I'd bring it up again :)

Looking for a C++, D3D10 or D3D11 GUI library with basic controls such as windows, pushbuttons, scrollbars, progress bars, etc.

Not interested in the DXUT stuff. ;)

I'm really looking for an extendable library that is optimized for performance. Source code availability is a huge plus as long as it isn't GPLed or with similar restrictive licensing.

Is there such a library for sale or in the public domain?

I could write one myself, but I'm sure it's been done before and I'd rather leverage code that already exists rather than reinvent the wheel.

Thanks much for any help!


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Most good GUI's comes with complete graphics engines because using DirectX is also to reinvent the wheel. I would either make my own, use a complete engine or use basic Windows components in a debug frame.

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