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Virtual world Ariphelios has been launched

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Ariphelios launches open alpha testing.

Ariphelios is virtual world with real buildings, related information and high graphics. Ariphelios website

Ariphelios goal is provide opportunities to create and organise co-creation of 3D content to get accurate digital model of the Earth for tourism, exploratory and educational purposes.

Main features:

1. High OGRE graphics.
2. High quality 3D models and textures.
3. Related wiki web pages.
4. Search for objects.
5. Ariphelios links.
6. Useful reusing of existing objects such as trees, lamp posts, roads etc.
7. Global coverage.

Ariphelios server side is based on OpenSimulator. Ariphelios Viewer is based on RealXtend viewer. Map tiles CloudMade, map data OpenStreetMap.

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