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Problems reading BMFont binary format

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So I've been trying to use BMFont (v1.12) for the past few days, and I'm having some problems reading the characters block. I'm using C++ to read the block, and I can retrieve the number of characters without problems - this number matches the number of characters I'd selected in the BMFont program. When I read in the characters block into a std::vector, I see that the first 10 or so characters are fine - the character ids are probably correct, and they each have x/y positions etc. However the characters after the first 10 or so are completely filled with 0s.

Here's my code to read in the blocks:
    InfoBlock info;
CommonBlock common;
std::string pageName;
std::vector<std::string> pageNames;
int numChars;
CharsBlock charsBlock;
std::vector<CharsBlock> chars;

while ( !ss.eof() )
BlockHeader bheader;
ss.read (reinterpret_cast<char *>(&bheader), sizeof (bheader));

switch ( bheader.type )
case BT_INFO:
ReadInfoBlock (bheader.size, info, ss);

ss.read (reinterpret_cast<char *>(&common), bheader.size);

case BT_PAGES:
pageName.resize (bheader.size);
for ( int i = 0; i < common.pages; i++ )
ss.read (&pageName[0], bheader.size);
pageNames.push_back (pageName);

case BT_CHARS:
numChars = bheader.size / sizeof (CharsBlock);
chars.resize (numChars);
ss.read (reinterpret_cast<char *>(&chars[0]), bheader.size);

ss.seekg (bheader.size, std::ios::cur);

Here's the struct I've created for CharsBlock:
struct CharsBlock
unsigned int id;
unsigned short x;
unsigned short y;
unsigned short width;
unsigned short height;
short xoffset;
short yoffset;
short xadvance;
unsigned char page;
unsigned char channel;

(The struct has 1-byte alignment)

Here's a screenshot of the contents of the chars variable.

And yes, I am using a debug build! :P

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the problem?

EDIT: I should add that outputting a plain text format .fnt file, I can see that all the characters are exported correctly.

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I don't see any obvious errors in your code. Have you checked that the ss.read call actually reads the number of bytes it should?

You can also have a look at my own implementation of the font loader if you wish: acgfx_font.cpp (look for the CFontLoaderBinaryFormat class).


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So I found the problem: I forgot to add the binary flag to the ifstream constructor. So it does do something! Thanks for the help though WitchLord, and great work on an excellent little utility :)

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