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Changing current folder of SyslistView32 windows... how?

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Hi, im trying to make a program that look just like that:

but it's only for windows 98/2000.

I got the context menu to work, all i need to do is to be able to change the directory when i click on one item in the menu, but i don't know how to do it the 'good' way. Of course i could try to find the edit box manually, but im sure there is a better way. I need it to work in windows explorer, opened folder windows and open/save dialogs, and maybe some other place i didn't think of.

Now i looked msdn for help, but can't find anything relevant execpt for maybe some interfaces, like IShellBrowser, IShellFolder, IFolderView... but any of those seem to let me change the current directory of anything... If anyone have an idea, plz help.

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Ok so i guess ill stick with my first idea with the edit box, now i need to know all the places where i should expect my context menu to pop up. The 3 i've found so far are:

-Windows Explorer
-Single directory windows(like when you click Open in new windows)
-open/save dialogs

If there are more, i need to know, thx in advance.

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