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Random movement for each object

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I would like for my enemy objects to have a bit of a random movement using the code below.

Random random = new Random((int)time);

//Sway our ship moving left sometimes to moving right sometimes
int offset = random.Next(70, 120);
double degrees = time * offset;
double radians = MathHelper.ToRadians((float)degrees);
float sin = (float)Math.Sin(radians);
//Create a random range to all
if (sin > 0)
m_move.X = m_speed;
else if (sin < 0)
m_move.X = -m_speed;

My enemy objects are stored in an array, and the code above is the in a method called for each enemy in the array.

The result is all my enemy objects follow the exact same movements.

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Need a bit more context. Are you instantiating an instance of Random for each ship using the same seed? Whats the resolution on the time stored in the time variable?

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