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TREBL 3: Rhythm Arcade - Song editor demo!

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Howdy, folks!

I'm currently working on the third game in my Flash rhythm series, and one of the features I'm developing is a public song editing tool. With it, players will be able to create their own playable songs from the ground up, then share them with other players:

The game is still far from finished, but I've gotten the editing tools to the point where I'd like to let some people try them out. If you've got some time, feel free to check it out - especially if you're a fan of rhythm games!

You'll need to be logged in to a MochiGames account to access the demo. You can connect with a one-click Facebook connect, no annoying registration or confirmation e-mails. :]


In particular, I'd love to hear some feedback about:

Intuition / Interface: Do the editor tools make sense? If you got stuck somewhere, where was it?

I plan on having a step-by-step video tutorial for users who want a detailed walkthrough, but I also want the editor tools to make some sense without any outside explanation. Granted, you guys are at a disadvantage because you're jumping straight into the editor without having played the game first, but I suppose that just makes this a better stress test. ;D

Security: My programming experience is primarily in ActionScript, but this project has had me getting my hands dirty in PHP. I've done some basic security checks, but to be perfectly honest, I don't really have a lot of experience with this.

At some point in time, I'd really like to find someone trustworthy to look over my code and point out any glaring security flaws, before someone else finds 'em.

Bugs: If you run into any major problems, please let me know. The editor tools are functional if you play nice, but I haven't really gone through and tried to intentionally break it yet. If you're able to crash the app, let me know how you did it. :D

Here are a handful of known issues:

  • The playtest window is very rough, and the interface is far from finished. To exit the playtest, press ESC.
  • There is currently no limit on how many songs you can create.
  • There is not yet a legal page containing the terms of service.
  • Some blocks of multi-line text will be displayed at an unusually small font size.
  • The editor does not like to be open in more than one place. I'll be setting up a check to prevent multiple instances in a future build, but for now, don't run the editor in more than one window. ;D

I've gone ahead and uploaded some test files that y'all can use for testing purposes, if you don't want to worry about making your own. Hopefully, these will help everyone get to the fun stuff a little more smoothly:

- MP3: nes.mp3
- Slow-Motion MP3: nes_SLOW.mp3
- Preview MP3: nes_PREVIEW.mp3
- Album Art: nes.jpg

To those of you who've already started working on songs - good on ya! Let me know how it goes. :D

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