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Parallax Mapping shader issue [video included]

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I've been having trouble getting parallax mapping working in my engine. I coded my own version and looked up sample stuff and both gave me the same result. In the video, I have standard bump mapping and I activate parallax to show the difference. If anyone could spot what they think might be wrong, it would be greatly appreciated. It seems like it's something to do with the view vector but I don't see what it could be.

shader code via


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Couldn't see the video, probably I didn't have a proper codec. Anyway, your pixelshader code seems right. BUT, how is your viewvector made? Is it in tangent space? This is how I do it:

// View vector
half3 camVec = -;

// For parallax, must be in tangent space
out.parViewVec.x = dot( camVec, in.Tangent );
out.parViewVec.y = dot( camVec, in.BiTang );
out.parViewVec.z = dot( camVec, in.Normal );

And maybe you'll have to invert the vector, in case you get exactly the opposite results.


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// Transform normal and tangent, and compute the binormal
i.Norm = normalize( mul(i.Norm, (float3x3)WorldMatrix ) );
i.Tan = normalize( mul(i.Tan, (float3x3)WorldMatrix ) );
float3 Binorm = cross( i.Norm, i.Tan);

PosWorld = mul(i.Pos, WorldMatrix);
View = -;

// Set the view
Out.View.x = dot( View,i.Tan );
Out.View.y = dot( View,Binorm );
Out.View.z = dot( View,i.Norm );

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