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XNA access problem

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hi ! :)

well, my program is structured in 3 parts. ...

- The Game-Project (with all the good things like the TileEngine, the screens etc.)
- The Processors-Project (for inizializing data from xml files)
- The Data-Project (Characters, Map, ...)

the problem i am facing is that i need to access the Viewport-Object created in an Game-Loop class (Game-Project) from the Data-project.

But apparently i only can import stuff from the i thought i could just create a static class in the Data-Project that holds the Viewport Property so i can inizialize it from the Game-Project but that also doesn't work.

Is there anything i can do besides putting all my Data that needs the Viewport information into the Game-Project ? :(

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Why did you separate them into different projects? It might be easier to bring them all into the same project and separate them based on file and namespace; then you can "using YOURNAMESPACEHERE" wherever you need the classes and methods you create.

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thank you for your reply ! :)

i oriented on the xna rpg starter kit.
for every data class there exists an corresponding processer class that writes the data down.

i just tried to get rid of those two additional projectmaps and put it down into my Game-project but now i am getting problems with the dezerialization, apparantly he can't find the classes although i didn't change the namespaces.

well i really got stuck there..the access thing is a really big deal :(

[Edited by - Lumalalelo on September 28, 2010 4:52:42 PM]

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