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switching channels in photoshop or gimp

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In Photoshop:
- go to the Channels palette
- Duplicate the blue channel by right-clicking it and choosing "duplicate"
- Select the green channel; then select all pixels and copy them to clipboard
- Paste the clipboard to the blue channel
- Finally, select all the pixels from the duplicated blue channel and copy/paste them to the green channel.

This can easily be automated by using the Actions palette, if your source images don't have layers.

I believe the procedure is very similar in Gimp, but the names of the tools may be different.

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Channel mixer is even better than the approach I outlined.

It is also available in Photoshop, as both destructive (modifies source pixels) and non-destructive (adds an adjustment layer) versions. The adjustment layer is more robust because you can turn it off as well as adjust the mixing parameters later as needed without causing permanent damage to your source images.

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