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XNA: Vectors or variables

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Hello everyone,

Im new to the programming with XNA and trieng to create my first game with it, a little space shooter like game.

I was searching for tutorials on the web and found lots of them but there is a question now that bothers me.

Some tutorials show that they just work with Variables. The position is stored in two variables x and y. Manipulated via get and set methods.

Other tutorials show that the coordinates are stored in a Vector2.

Now im a bit confused because I have no idea which is the better way to go.
Creating variables only and manipulate them or work with vectors?

Anybody can tell me what would be the better way?


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It's almost always better to group x and y coordinates together into a single 'point' or 'vector' class (as appropriate). Most often when you see people using separate x and y variables, it's because they're not using an appropriate math library (which probably isn't the case here, since we're talking about XNA), because they aren't yet familiar with the concepts of vectors and/or user-defined types, or because they have some domain-specific reason for working with the variables in that way.

Short answer: use Vector2.

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