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Where to start?

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I want to start development my own Virtual World, similar to Habbo Hotel and so on..

Where should I start with this? I know HTML, and am ok-ish with CSS. When it comes to php, my mind goes blank.

Has anyone got an reccomendations?

Preemo :D

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I've spent a year learning to program, but it wasn't until 2 days ago that I actually first started to piece together a game that I could actually make. I have four programming books, and I read when I can. Still, making a game isn't easy. I've found a use for Trigonometry at least, but to truly make a game, just being able to program isn't enough. HTML isn't programming in the most honest sense, but it does introduce you to use variables.

Everyone wants to make the next big thing, but how many of those go on the make even one good small thing? Think of something so simple, then make that. Build off it. Learn as you go, but know your APIs.

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