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Rotating point based on texture coordinates

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So I'm trying to rotate a point based on texture coordinates but I'm failing to do it correctly.

I want the point to rotate a full circle by the end of the texture coordinates.

Here's what I'm doing...

coords starts at (0,uv.y - 0.5, 0.5)

rotCoords.x = coords.x * cos(uv.x * 8) - coords.z * sin(uv.x * 8);
rotCoords.z = coords.x * sin(uv.x * 8) + coords.z * cos(uv.x * 8);

but the rotation isn't right... it's offset a little bit. I don't know what to multiply the uv.x by.

I got 8 just by trial and error. It seems the closest to what I want, but if someone could help me with the exact math I'd appreciate it, thanks.

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