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Finding a testing job within BC.

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Hello, i'm a college graduate looking for a job within the industry. I want to become a game tester to see what the job is like and also to pursue my interest in gaming. Unfortunately, I cannot find any postings within BC or Vancouver and I've been searching for a few months.

Just wondering if there's anyone out there who could possibly give me some info as to how I could find a job within my region and maybe even somehow let me know of any opportunities within my region if they're close by? I'm set on joining the industry and hope that i'm able to find something soon.

Any and all help would be much, appreciated.


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Step one: use
Step two: use
Step three: identify companies near you, and do research on them. Learn their product lines. Look up articles about their games and their companies.
Step four: Read my article on getting a QA job: (there's a clickable link to it in this forum's FAQ, above).
Step five: Apply. (Don't wait for job postings.)

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