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Hello everyone,

I am obviously very new to these forums, so I hope this is an appropriate place for this post. I am a professor at a small public liberal arts college. We are currently in the process of designing a bachelors degree program and major/minor in game studies & design. While it will obviously include classes on video game design, we also want to offer a sequence and classes on board game design. I would love to get some input from designers on what types of classes (and content) you feel would be truly beneficial, or that you would have benefited from if given the opportunity to take in college.

Possible examples include a business class where you discuss copyright issues, English classes on creative writing, history classes and how they can influence board game design, art classes on graphic design, mathematics (probability/game theory), etc.

Any suggestions or input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance!

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Can you explain why, if you're a genuine professor in China, that you would put URLs in your post to websites purporting to be sales sites for Rosetta Stone software?
Because right now you look like a spammer, not a real professor.

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