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Z-Sorting Issues With Sprite Based Character

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Okay, maybe i'm doing something wrong but...

We are developing a game which the characters are "Sprite Based", but i'm having hard time with Z-Sorting Issues...
Lets Have a Full Scenary:
- The organization through hierarchy is not possible since i'm using bones with skin modifier ( The DTS does not allow export mesh with any kind of dependecy )
- This character uses only one bitmap, which has Alpha Channel
- All the Character Parts have been merged in a unique mesh to use the pre-comand "SORT::" but for some misterious reason it makes the 3ds crash
- Mouth and Eyebrow should be different objects since we are planing using UV animation
- Legs, Body and Arms have more 10 polys each to be flexible ( Skin Modifier Applied )

See Image for further reference:
Z-Sorting Issues With Sprite Based Character

A -> Spaced the Sprites to show how it was made
B -> Visualization on 3dsCanvas
C -> Visualization on Torque ShowTool Pro


Problems occur in the TGB 1.7.5, Torque 3D and in the Torque ShowToolPro

All the best!

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