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decent animation interface

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Say ive got a bunch of points connected by sticks, and then the model is bound to this and will move where the skeleton moves.

What would a good interface be like thatll make animation of the sticks easy with good results, to do things like running, falling over, crouching, attacking etc...

(note I have never animated with blender, maya, 3dsmax or anything so I dont even know what its like in these programs either.)

You see, im working from scratch, ive got the animation system up and running its just that at this point in time its too primitive and the animations are coming out a little wobbly and sometimes the bones dont rotate in the direction youd want them too when you drag over them with the mouse.

this is what ive got so far, its a little wobbly and unrealistic if you see it move.

Here it is in motion, and it looks a little silly.
turn your speaker off if you dont want to hear the crappy music.

I figure all I need is a better interface and the animation that comes out should be better, so what would go into a nice interface for orienting bones?

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