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[C++] SymGetTypeInfo TI_GET_SYMNAME - LocalFree

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According to all the smaples and docus ive seen so far i need to use LocalFree for the buffer retrieved from SymGetTypeInfo with TI_GET_SYMNAME. Ok, thats what ive did so far:

LPWSTR symName = NULL;
BOOL ret = SymGetTypeInfo(GetCurrentProcess(), inf->ModBase, subType, TI_GET_SYMNAME, &symName);
if(symName == NULL || !ret)
msg << _T("unkPtr* ") << inf->Name << _T(" = ") << value;
#ifdef UNICODE
msg << symName << _T("* ") << inf->Name << _T(" = ") << value;
int len = wcslen(symName) + 1;
char* symTmp = new char[len];
WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, symName, len, symTmp, len, NULL, NULL);
msg << symTmp << _T("* ") << inf->Name << _T(" = ") << value;
delete [] symTmp;

Now my issue is that after LocalFree SymEnumTypes does not call my callback anymore. I suspect that an exception is happening in there. Ive enabled first chance exceptions, but i dont get any.

Is LocalFree wrong? Should it be GlobalFree? Or how do i have to free the buffer?

Thx for any help

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Another problem occured. I dynamically loaded the functions from the DLL at runtime and now i have some errors with SymEnumSymbolsW. It is returning FALSE and GetLastError says ERROR_SUCCESS and the callback is never called.

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