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Hierarchal meshes with multiple objects don't export correctly?

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I've been using the Pandasoft DirectX exporter for quite sometime but have always had a problem exporting models from 3D Studio max which have multiple objects in max (i.e. if the legs are a separate object to the upper body and can be selected independently of each other in max).

This is what the mesh looks like when exported:

Now I know the DirectX mesh viewer is somewhat buggy however I would like to emphasize I've tried viewing the same model in three different viewers (two from Microsofts code, when of mine which is a modified version of one of Microsofts examples) and it has looked exactly the same.

So the problem *may* be with the exporter, in which case does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it or hack around the problem or know of a better exporter?

Thanks for any help!

*edit, ok I just found out it doesn't work in any case with this mesh, even if I export the mesh with just one object. So it's just this mesh (and a few others like it) which don't work, sitll not sure why...

*I should also point out that if I export the model to an FBX or something else it works fine.

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From the looks of the mesh, and from previous experience getting similar results, it looks like a coordinate system problem (e.g., right-hand vs. left-hand). That points to the exporter, I would think.

By default, at least with older versions of the mesh viewer (for which I haven't seen any bugs), the assumed default is a left-hand system.

If you're using DX9, you can try the FFP, setting views and projection matrices to RH (vs LH), along with culling CW rather than CCW and see if it displays correctly.

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