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We're making a game about your opinion on games

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And I'd like to show it to you.

We're still in beta and some major mechanics are still missing. It's about your opinion on video games and contributing to determine the general opinion of gamers.

The collective goal of the game is to create a gaming site that's ads and journalists free, where it's easy to find relevant info.

The basic principle is you publish your opinion on a game, then others can give it pwnz!, which are positive feedback points, if they find it relevant or funny or smart or... well, you got me.

That's where the individual goal lies: getting your opinion, because it pwnz the most, to the top of the game page.

There are other things too.

We've been working at this with my 3 mates for about a year. We're from France but it's all in English! proper even, I think.

If you'd like to give it a try, it starts at www.gamocracy.com/start

I feel lucky that I've found this forum... Any comment would be greatly appreciated!

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Sounds more like you are making a website about peoples opinions on games. Rating a article up or down, is common on many sites, so I'd hardly consider that making it a "game" itself.

That said, I like the site, it seems you guys did a good job on it. I recommend you change "Required peripherals" to the more commonly used "System requirements".

I can't find out how to read an article that seems really interesting. I was trying to read this article:

Clicking on the Borderlands picture, brings me to the page with all the Borderland articles (the page I'm already on). Clicking on the user's name brings me to that user's profile. Clicking on 'PWNZ!' tells me I need to be logged in to rate the article.

But I can't figure out how to actually read the article, and I really want to. [sad]

8 minutes later

...After spending some time trying to figure it out, it now occures to me, is there even an article to read? Or is that half sentence all there is? When you say, it's an "opinion", do you mean it's just an opinion and the writer doesn't actually explain why he has that opinion? He doesn't back up his opinion? He doesn't explain what makes the game good, and merely declares it good without a breakdown of why he finds it good? If so, that certainly doesn't 'PWNZ!' to me at all. [sad]

Just because he found it good, doesn't mean I'll find it good, because we may have different tastes. So I must know
he found it good, so I can see if the things he describes sound interesting to me.

I can see how this... mere "twitter-sized" opinion may be interesting to some people, but it just doesn't work for me. I guess I'm not your targetted demographic.

After another 5 or 6 more minutes

Finally, I check your About page. More specifically, your About: Opinions page. Then it begins to make more sense. You have to "level up" enough to write an article. Clever... Most people wont take the time to write a well thought out review and submit it, but if you force them to earn that right as a reward, then they might actually do so. Only problem is the people that'll want to write articles and don't need the mental trickery to be encouraged to do so, cannot write the article until other users rate them up enough - they'll probably go write their articles for another site instead.

This site still isn't for me. I want to read well thought-out reviews... not two sentence opinions. I mean, I spent 40 minutes between your site and this post writing this feedback... If I took the time to write this post for the one person who'll read it, I don't really want to read the "opinion" of someone who only spends 30 seconds writing it, without thinking it through, (and without even spellchecking or re-reading his work, mind you), and who only wrote it in the first place so he can "level up" in some "game". I'll stick with Gamespot's reviews, Metacritic's agregrates, and Amazon's ratings - and when I want to play a "game", I'll boot up a real one on Steam. While I apreciate the fact that you are trying to do something new, your site just isn't for me. I can see it'll definitely have some appeal for others, though, so keep at it - the site itself looks polished, even if the concept behind it isn't.

I do like the name of your site, though. [smile]

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Thank you for your feedback. This is very interesting!

Well the idea is one has to earn their right to free expression so people can write short stuff only to begin with.

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