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D3DRS_CULLMODE Not Really Working

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Hi guys,

I have a very basic vertex shader and I noticed that if I have any ambient light the triangles are drawn regardless or their facing, D3DRS_CULLMODE has no effect.

I tried setting it in the shader as well as with SetRenderState(), it makes no difference.

I thought that culling would skip over those back facing ones.


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Yes, culling is designed for this purpose.

In MSDN, it is indicated "To improve rendering performance, you can cull out (or remove) a primitive that faces away from the camera. For single-sided primitives, this saves rendering time because a back-face is not visible. To enable culling, you need to know the winding order of the vertices (typically counter-clockwise)".

The code below will remove any primitive whose back face is facing forward (given a counter-clockwise winding order):


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