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OpenGL C OGL calls drawing to a window setup in Python?

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I've often used ctypes to make different calls from python modules, but I recently thought of a problem which I'm not really sure how to attack. (Most of my work in the last while has centered around various data processing, and most of my programming has been commandline or minimal GUI at best.)

I'm trying to come up with what would be the easiest to use tools to create my window, and handle all the other GUI/mouse/keyboard issues in Python, while doing the actual openGL draw calls and main stored data stuff in a C library or two.

The ideal method would be one that is easily cross platform as I work in both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) at my university, and I rather be able to work in either lab.

General tips on effective ways of structuring code for openGL development are also more than welcome. While I've been experimenting with it for awhile, I will admit my code is still ugly as sin. (But it works. Well, assuming I don't do something stupid like accidentally drawing everything backwards while backface culling is on.)

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