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OOP DX9 game question

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Hi everybody!

I've been working on my programming assignment using C++ and DX9 and got the VERY basics working. However, for now, everything is just in 1 .cpp file.

I would like to have my objects for the game to be represented by separate classes. Here's the structure that was advices for the assignment:

GameWindow GameObject ---------------------PhysicsObject
| | |
GameController - GameObjectManager -----------CMesh

As far as I understand PhysicsObject will contain all the physical properties of the object and CMesh will handle the visual representation of it.

Now what I don't understand is what should I have in the CMesh class and what should I be able to get from it in the GameController to the render it to screen.

I have this to load the mesh:

if( FAILED( D3DXLoadMeshFromX( "Mesh1.x", D3DXMESH_SYSTEMMEM,
D3D_Device, NULL,
&MaterialBuffer, NULL, &numMaterials,
&Mesh1 ) ) )
MessageBox(NULL, "Error loading Mesh1.x model file...", "Error!", MB_OK);
return false;

..and this to render the mesh:

for(DWORD i = 0; i < numMaterials; i++)
D3D_Device->SetTexture(0, TextureList[i]);


If you can point out a tutorial/example where this is discussed or an explanation that would be much appreciated!

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Original post by GRoss
Here's the structure that was advices for the assignment:

I'm not sure where the lines mean inheritance and where they mean composition.

But if this was the suggested structure, was there also an explanation of what each class is for?

What's a GameController? What does it control? (the game, probably, but what does that mean?)

What's a GameObjectManager? What does it manage? (game objects, probably, but what does that mean?)

And what is the assignment?

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Thanks for your reply!

It seems that auto-formatting broke the structure..

Here's what I wrote up from what was explained in class:

As far as I understand GameWindow class will handle all of the windows window and DX9 setting up. The actual game will be run from the SpaceInvadersGameController class. GameObjectManager will have a number of vectors with different objects in them - projectiles, space invaders, player ship, other.. GameObject is the actual object in the game - all objects are gameObjects. GameObject will have a physical representation in PhysicsObject class and a visual representation in the CMesh class.

The CMesh class is the one I'm having problems with...

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From the drawing and your code listings, the mesh should have a pointer to a D3D device, ID3DXMesh, and should also store the materials and textures. It should have a constructor and destructor that load/free the mesh and its textures, and a Render function that renders the mesh.

Tutorial 6 from the SDK shows how to load and render meshes, if you need more info on that.

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I don't know why, but I just couldn't get my head around that class... It's all good now - its working! And it worked out to be quite a bit simpler that I though


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