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Delete Query not working-SQLite

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I'm using SQLite for my game. When a particular button is clicked,I've to get the selection of a list control and delete it from the list control and from the database. for this I'm using the following code and query.

stringw strtoDelete = profileList->getListItem(profileList->getSelected());
irr::core::stringc testStr = "DELETE FROM profile WHERE name = '";
testStr += strtoDelete;
testStr += "'";

I execute the above line and open the database file using SQLite Database Browser to check whether the particular record has been deleted. It's not deleted. When I put a break point to verify the query, my list selection is there in the query(testStr). What might be the problem? How to delete a record?

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What part of that code is actually in the SQLite API? I don't recognise any of it. Surely there are methods that return success or failure when you use them, which you can call to see what has actually occurred.

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