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solids , textures and problem

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In principle I want to create a solid, say a cube, full of x values, eg float4 (1,0,01) in the sense that all points of the cube worth x.
Then I want to create a 3D texture with indices x, y and z, so that if x, y and z lie within the texture I can read the pixel value, otherwise I would read 0 .
I wish I could have n (max 10) solid of this type and reletive textures.
The application I need must know whether a given coordinate x,y,z is all 'inside of the 3D texture.
If it is, I must read the value, otherwise go to the next sequence texture.

I thought of a 3D texture, but could go the stencil buffer?
or some 10 or 11 buffers ?
Finally, i would should be able to translate or rotate the solid (the solid cube of 1. 0. 0. 1.) and its relative texture.


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