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Anisotropic filtering not working with SampleGrad()

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Hello everybody,

the subject is almost self explanatory: I'm facing the issue that anisotropic filtering seems to be disabled when I specify the ddx and ddy manually using the SampleGrad() function call.

More precisely, I'm using a 4 component mipmapped texture of 16 bits floating values and configured with 16x anisotropic filtering. When I use the standard Sample() function call, aniso. filtering works fine. However I need to tweak the ddx, ddy parameters, and then aniso. filtering does not work. For instance, even:

texture.SampleGrad(AnisotropicSampler, q, ddx(q), ddy(q));

does not work as expected.

I know that SampleLevel disables anisotropic filtering, but that should not be the case with SampleGrad. Any idea?


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