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Antaros Crossphane

Established Game, Looking for Company/Private Sponsor

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Project name:
AC: TSW (Antaros Chronicles: The Story World)

Brief description:
AC: TSW, is a non-download web-based expansive MMORPG, introducing the archaic world of Antaros. The story takes place years after an apocalyptic period, summoned by the emotions of greed and twisted thirsts for blood and power, a war of the ancient civilizations reshaped the planet, destroying as a whole, nearly all reminisce of their once technological era. The ancients had discovered how to capture a power of infinite desire, summoned from the arcane fields, and coined as "Arcane Power", entire civilizations rooted upon the world by this new foundation. As time proceeded and as irresponsibility of such power grew, factions arose, and the once unitary body of the ancients, descended into feudalism. The power that had once brought a flourish of life, now misunderstood and misused, unleashed a wrath skinning the planet of the buildings, momuments and of most viable life bringing the charted world to it's knees.
Since then, the world has begun to flourish with life once again with thousands of years passing since the era, the world has covered and hidden it's scars. Infernal winds, billowing storms, and the slow regrowth and determination of life has begun again, rooting through the cracks of extinction, toppling the most dominant reminders of the pre-apocalyptic era, re-seeding the world in vibrant and wild vegetation. Life, has since rebounded through natural means, and civilized life has such began to form, once again repeating the cycle of life. The story thus taking place many a-more years into the future, as nations begin to arise, and the shallow veil over the scars of destruction begin to recede, as tensions begin to thin again...

Target aim:
Retail, the game will have a F2P basis, but will be supplemented with ads, and a P2P "credit" section, that will be the main source of income for the game.

Depending on the investment and capital being put by the corporate or private sponsor, I am willing to offer between a 20%-30% share of the total sales revenue.


Talent needed:
I am looking for a corporate or private investor who can invest between $10,000 to $25,000 towards the production and salary costs to finish this game. This will initially go towards the commission of improving the site interface, the final development of the game (most specifically art content), and a temporary commission towards the salary of a Flash assistant programmer to assist me with the extended development of the MMO communications protocol.

Team structure:
Myself- I am the original idealist, project manager, original art director and lead programmer for the project. This project is composed 100% from scratch through a duration over the last 3-6months. I have gotten the project to a playable status, my only regret is that I do not have the funds to get the artistic sector up to par to a commercially appealing level.

Ria Jin - She is the current art director and only artist for the project. I have been working with her for little over a month now, creating game content, and teaching the ideal art portfolio style. It is in my interest to have her take over as the art director when the team expands so that I can dedicate my time better to the technical aspect of the project.


Forum: http://antaroschronicles.com/Forums (Can be contacted via PM to ACStaff)
E-Mail: antaroschronicles@hotmail.com

Previous Work by Team:
I have worked with a few other productions, and was offered late August to join the development studio for Arcuz2, a Flash production, as an alternative producer to create the game in Canvas. I have also temporarily worked with the development team for Galactic Conquest, a PHP based strategy space game, and have participated in various other commissions with clients spanning over the last 2 years.


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the Help Wanted forum is for recruiting team members for development. An announcement seeking investment is better suited to the Announcements forum so I have moved it.

I am not sure that Gamedev is really a good place to be looking for investors. You will have better luck at an investment focused website. you could also try Kickstarter and the indie fund.

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