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Creating depth maps from 3D models.

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So, I'm working on creating depth maps from 3D models but I'm running into a problem.

I want to recreate a 3D model from the depth map info but if I scan the depths always pointing to the center of the model then some info is lost if the object has a ridge or something that's not around the center of the model.

I guess I need the scan point to follow the contour of the objects but I'm not sure how to do it.

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Virtual lidar scanner! :D :D

If you are trying to capture all points of model from one point,
you are trying to do somthing that cant work! (example think of depth map of torus)

But if you first create distance field from model, then you can find medial axis,
and if you create depth map projected from medial axis, then you can reconstruct
any shape. (horribly complex way of recreating 3d model from 3d model)


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