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An intro to web programming and development

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I like programming with c# and I really love the visual studios environment but one thing I always wanted to do is work with a networked game. I also wanted to help an independent study by learning about websites and how they are made. I know close to nothing about the creation of them. I know I will not want to be their top programmer but I do want some knowledge of what is going on.

The question comes in when I wanted to know if web development and games come together? I am new to the jargon and terminology of websites but is it possible to create a networked tic tac toe game(Something simple )with web based things such as html,css, and others. I know i am probably saying the wrong things since i know little about the html and website world. I searched on google and this website abut html games and I did not get much. Is it possible? I wanted to knock out two birds with one stone , by learning about networking and web development to help an independent study i am in(I currently work with ideas) and have fun by making basic games.


PS: I heard of silverlight by microsoft as well. I heard you can use c# with it but I am not sure if the people i am working with are using it.

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