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Good 3D Modelling Tool?

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b3y0nd3r    100
hi there,

I need a 3D modelling tool for making some assets for my project. I have time so I'm willing to learn it carefully.
I don't need powerfull high-poly models, instead I want low-poly simple eyecandy graphics. My idea is very close to those pics:


Thanks folks :)

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karwosts    840
Keep in mind for blender it's in kind of a transitional phase right now. The 2.49 version on the release page is being replaced by a completely new 2.5x version, which has a totally different (& improved) interface.

The 2.5 version is currently in beta and pretty stable from what I've been playing with. I would start with that if you're interested in just learning for now, otherwise you'll be learning an outdated version.

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FableFox    699
i heard good things about SILO (, and from what i seen (their tutorial videos) it's pretty awesome for it's price. so awesome some well known artist are modelling in it and use other high end software to do the texturing (unless you plan to paint on 2d uv textures).

i'm too busy right now to install their 30 day demo, but like i say, from their tutorial videos, they know what they are doing.

i'm sure it answer you question, 3d modelling tool.

hey, while we are on the topic, does anyone know of cheap 3d painting tools?

I mean, other than Maxon's Body Paint 3D, as I already know about that one.

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