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Text rendering VBO-way

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I want to add some core profile text rendering to my engine. I came across this post by Yann L: where he advises to render fonts on CPU to a texture and render quads. I don't see it as a feasible solution, as it would force me to make lots of DrawElements for single quads (it forces me to change texture every text line).

Yann L is also negative towards display list implementation of text rendering. This makes me wonder: does the same thing apply to VBOs? Is clearing a VBO and filling it with quads every frame a good solution for rendering text? If not, what are you people using to render text?

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TTK-Bandit    120
My current text renderer (bitmapped font) uses simple quads, since back then I didn't see any way to get kerning working properly together with partial coloring of the string.
Recently I saw that FreeType2 finally lost all the patent issues, so I was thinking of doing it this way:
Render a complete line into a bitmap, upload it and then just draw one quad per line.
Not sure how the performance would do on this one, but since you rarely render text for a few frames only, it could be good.
Then again, I never used freetype, so I don't know how fast it is in live rendering.
I don't think it'll be worse than my current approach tho.

A Plus would be that no stretching has to be done and text should be nicely drawn.

Didn't have the time yet to start coding it, so this is all theory.

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Katie    2244
You could make a bigger texture with >1 font on it.

You could load several textures into the various texture samplers and use either a simple pixel-shader routine to pick the right one or use earlier opengl 2 style multitexturing.

This way, you just have a set of textures and a VBO to select.

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