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RenderHog: open source cross platform shader prototyping tool (RenderMonkey clone)

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I've released the first public version of RenderHog (version

What's RenderHog?

RenderHog is a cross-platform GLSL shader development environment. RenderHog takes care of interacting with OpenGL 3 and allows the user to load assets, set GL state, set render pass inputs and outputs, and setup variables all using a node-tree interface. This allows the shader author to concentrate on writing shaders instead of writing supporting code. The interface is designed to be familiar to users of AMD's RenderMonkey tool while improving on that tool in several areas.


The last release of RenderMonkey was in 2008, and it has several areas that need improvement: interface performance, it's Windows only, and it lacks features found in the newest OpenGL specifications. I want to fix those issues.

In addition, I wanted to teach myself (and others by example, since it's open source) the OpenGL 3 way of setting up a rendering pipeline without using any deprecated functions.


  • This initial release works, but many of the nodes you can add don't have complete option sets filled in yet. For example, in the "render state" node, you can set enable/disable depth testing and set the depth test mode, but there's no option yet to set alpha blending modes, enable/disable alpha testing, and so on. Same goes with sampler state: you get mag filter state, min filter state, but that's about it.
  • There isn't any geometry shader support yet.
  • Because RenderHog is cross-platform, it only supports OpenGL. There's no DirectX support. It'd be nice to add DirectX or CG support later, but this isn't a priority for me.
  • In windows, the draw area is refreshed at a low rate and the framerate counter doesn't work properly
  • Any other known issues are on the issue list: http://code.google.com/p/renderhog/issues/list. Feel free to add to the list if you find new problems.


The website contains a description of the interface and a short tutorial:



This is a link to the Windows installer:

There aren't any binary packages for Linux or OSX, but you can download the source and compile it yourself. I haven't tried compiling on OSX, but it should compile under Linux with no problems (as long as you have the prerequisite libraries).


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