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sprite collision detection

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I am trying to use the following code for sprite based collision detection.

//bounding box collision detection
int Collision(SPRITE sprite1, SPRITE sprite2)
RECT rect1;
rect1.left = sprite1.x; = sprite1.y;
rect1.right = sprite1.x + sprite1.width;
rect1.bottom = sprite1.y + sprite1.height;

RECT rect2;
rect2.left = sprite2.x; = sprite2.y;
rect2.right = sprite2.x + sprite2.width;
rect2.bottom = sprite2.y + sprite2.height;

RECT dest;
return IntersectRect(&dest, &rect1, &rect2);

what does "SPRITE sprite1" refer to , a struct??

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Paste that function somewhere in your code, I like to use header files, but you could just put it right above int main(). (If using C++)

Then, call it using Collision(Sprite 1, Sprite 2).

Its gonna returns some info, not exactly sure what, since you didn't post the IntersectRect() function.

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