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Need advice for a fast paced 2D action game

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brinked    100
I want to recreate a game I own in flash. The game has been around for about 13 years but has slowly been declining. It is programmed in java. What I want to do is recreate the game in flash to get new users to the game. It is easier to have someone try a game if its embedded on a website rather than having them download the full game.

The game is an action game, it has different maps and there are 2-4 teams with up to 8 players per team, but mostly up to 6. Most game plays are capture the flag. It is a simple 2D game where you shoot lasers at other teams to destroy them.

Due to the fast paced style of play, this game needs to be made using UDP. However, I can find very little information about flash games supporting UDP.

I have read a lot about rtmfp, but is this a realistic option? I am just looking for someone to point me in the right direction here, as I will simply not do this game without UDP.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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ZeRaW    384
Starting with v10, flash has some kind of UDP support.
It is still hackish as it is meant for media delivery:

I am pretty sure you can manage to write a client server using UDP in flash but it will take a lot of time.
Something you already have in unity and it is proven to work.

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Spline Driver    100
I would have to agree. Unity 3D is amazing. But for 2D games, I personally would be looking for another solution. Of course that is assuming you haven't started programming yet.

Otherwise you will be setting up a lot of GUITextures and making simple things much more complicated than they need be. Mostly because everything visible in Unity is a GameObject, and you can't add 2 of the same component, such as a GUITexture, to the same GameObject.

Anyway, nice job realizing that the best kind of game is embedded into the site.

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