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New to Game Development!

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Dear All,

This is my very 1st post in this community.

I'm really interested in Game Development. Also I like to plan my career as a Game Developer. But unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge about Game Development, but I love it. I'm a Software Developer. I use Java/MySQL, J2ME, PHP/HTML/javascript/Ajax, etc..

As a beginner to game development, what kind of language do I need to follow? To start my career as a Game Developer in one of leading Game Development companies (2K Games, EA Sports, etc..) what are kind of knowledge do I need to gain?

Hope you all will help me to build my path in this career gradually.
Warm thanks in advance.

Anjana Silva

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For languages, the most common is C++. It looks you are a web developer. You need to research on the basic structure of a game such as the game loop. Games work differently from most programs. The game loop runs continuously until the player quits. In that loop, specific things are updated each frame such as collision detection, rendering, etc.

There is alot more to this. The best way to get started is to research and begin working on a portfolio.

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