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MS3D File loading, Need help

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I am writing a loader for MS3D for my game and require help, I can more than easly load the data in (basic file IO ) but I dont understand what the Mesh Transformations mean and what data I have loaded (as far as Animation is concerned).

So here is my question: How do i get animation out of a MS3D file?

Here is a link to the spec:

And the Bit I dont understand:

// Mesh Transformation:
// 0. Build the transformation matrices from the rotation and position
// 1. Multiply the vertices by the inverse of local reference matrix (lmatrix0)
// 2. then translate the result by (lmatrix0 * keyFramesTrans)
// 3. then multiply the result by (lmatrix0 * keyFramesRot)
// For normals skip step 2.

So, How do i do [0], What is [1] ect...


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