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How do game admin tools work?

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For example, I'm thinking of games such as Call of Duty 4 and 5. How do the admin tools like ModernRcon and such interact with the server? They only require a server IP, username, and password.

Does the game server have an API that's used to connect to? If so, why I have I not been able to find one that's been published?

Call of Duty Black Ops will be coming out shortly, and I'd like the develop a web based tool for admin purposes.


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It looks like you got part of your answer when you cross-posted on another site.

Many games (including CoD) allow you to run private servers and write your own mods and scripts for those servers.

If the sever doesn't directly allow it, enterprising young people will generally find a way to reverse engineer and modify portions of the server, with legality depending on location.

The admin tools are simply programs running on the machine that listen for the admin tool connection and notify the server accordingly. Some are actually built into the server mod, others are external programs that communicate with the mods.

There are many tutorials to help you write a CoD mod, if that is what you want to do. I'm not sure why you can't find them, a simple Google search for "CoD mod tools" brought out both official and unofficial tools and instruction.

From what I've read, Black Ops can still set up your own private servers with custom modifications and scripts, but you must pay and host it on a known site to reduce the effect of cracked games, for software pirates, and other negative folks.

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