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Tactical Turnbased Combat Vs. Realtime Combat [Multiplayer]

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Hello all,
I am part of a team and were sort of split on what combat style to do.

I am wondering these things:
Which works best for a multiplayer system?
Which is easiest to program for in general?
Which will reach out to a larger crowd of people/players?

This game is sort of a fantasy/scifi story, were planning on sort of a top-down view game, Similar to Diablo and Fallout (original).

We are debating on this for our combat styles:
Diablo style hack n' slash, but with some depth - Multiplayet (1-3 players)
Fallout style turnbased combat - Multiplayer

I am asking these questions from a programming point of view, not a design point of view. But feel free to provide a design point of view as long as you specify that thats what it is, and also provide a proogramming pov.

Thankyou for your time!

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turnbased combat will be much easier to program for with networking. You can definitely use TCP to ensure all packets are delivered and in the correct order. Since this is turn based and not twitch based, then considerable lag will not be noticed. If a player chooses a turn based command for his unit and it take even as long as 1 - 1.5 seconds to execute, it isnt that big of an opposite for a twitch based game.

however with turn based games, what are the other players doing while player 1 is making his moves? What happens if one player takes 10 minutes to decide what to do? the other players are going to be upset waiting for him. so at least program in some kind of timeout. say give the player 10-15 seconds to decide on their move. depending on the complexity of your system, you can increase or decrease this time.

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