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Shadow and the render position - a small query

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Hope i'll get this straight.

My engine divides a 512x512 map into a cells of size 16x16 - and renders by first frustum culling / occlusion culling the visible cells.

I'm almost done with everything inside, now implemented variance SM and thinking how do i setup the sun position for shadowmap to become real.

As for test approach i am rendering to shadowmap texture from a position:


//render the view from

//targetted to

It is obvious that when i cross to another cell my shadow is being rendered with a position of another cell what generates a bad effect causing shadow to 'jump' between cells when i cross from one to another.

Now the question - what are the approaches i could take?
Of course rendering from higher positions make the shadowmap look ultra-ugly.

What can i do with that implementation to stop making the shadows to jump over the cells and see the shadow in at least a distance of 3cells in front.

Or are there any well known tips for setting the position of a shadowmap to render? How to approach that ?

Much appreciated for any suggestion here.
Best regards!

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